Download Adobe Muse Widgets completely for free – Part 2

In this post you will find a selection of the free widgets that you can fin in our online shop. You can download them for free and no fees will be ever charged. Once you add to your cart all the widgets that you want to download, just checkout and go to your account.

  1. Password protect
    Hide your website under construction or while making changes with this widget. Select your password and type it into the settings and your page will be hidden until you remove the widget.password-muse-widget
  2. HTML5 Audio Player
    Add audio samples to your Adobe Muse website. The player will look different depending on the browsers used, which means that it will not look the same if you use Safari, Firefox or Chrome.html5-player-muse-widget
  3. Facebook Opengraph tags
    When your users share your links in Facebook, you will be able to select the image that will appear in the post.
  4. Constellation Background
    A cool effect to add to your background that looks like a constellation. The particles will react with your mouse so users can play around with it.constellation-particle-muse-widget
  5. Absolute Center
    Center an element horizontally and vertically. You can scroll up and down and the element will stay completely centered.absolute-center-muse-widgeet
  6. News Widget
    Free version of News Widget Pro. Add a customized newsfeed or select one from the list. This is a free version that includes
  7. Cookie Policy Popup
    Comply with the UE law and add a Cookie policy to your website. If you are in the European Union or your website targets citizens of the UE, you need to add a cookie policy.cookie-policy-muse-widget



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