Free 46 widget PACK for Adobe Muse

Widget PACK for Adobe Muse

Download for free this 46 Muse widgets compilation

muse-widget-free-packWe would like to share with you this useful widget collection created by Adobe Muse Team. These widgets are .mucow format, that stand for Muse Configurable Options Widget. They work like normal .mulib but the difference is that you can read and edit source code in .mucow. Instead of double clicking the widget to install it into Muse, you just have to drag it to your workspace.

In Muse you can find built in widgets like slideshows, tabs or icons, but web designers need more. Adobe Muse allows you to embed HTML code but when you need to embed a code in many pages and add different parameters, you need to use a widget. You can edit the .mucow and create a new widget that suits your website needs. Also, share your new creation with the Adobe Muse Community.

This free muse widgets collection contains 46 totally free files to download:

  • Widget for displaying an image after a delay.
  • Widget for BC Template Page Content.
  • Widget for displaying certain images at certain times of day.
  • Widget for displaying browser width and active BP.
  • Widget for BrowserInfo.
  • Widget that lists the values for all the current builtIn mucow parameters.
  • A very simple calculator.
  • Conditional content widget.
  • Widget for ContactMe.
  • Widget for Counting Down to a Date (see our improved free countdown widget)
  • Widget for Date.
  • Widget for Flash version.
  • 3 different styles flipping card widgets.
  • Widget for Fomula.
  • Back Link JS widget.
  • Widget for inserting custom HTML into different sections of the web page.
  • Widget for iFrame.
  • Widget for a row of images.
  • Widget for HTML Jumping Cowboy. This widget has no user-entered parameters, only builtIn parameters.
  • MUCOW for inserting an external JS file at the end of the body tag.
  • MUCOW for inserting an external JS file in the head tag.
  • Open Graph Muse widget.
  • Open Graph Image Muse widget.
  • QRCODE Muse widget.
  • Sample Responsive HTML Widget that displays a blue box.
  • Widget for displaying scaling font size based on browser width.
  • Widget for rounded rect using % border radius.
  • Widget for simple line.
  • Widget for Simple HTML lists.
  • Widget for HTML Sliding Image.
  • Widget for Snowpile.
  • Widget for 5×5 table.
  • Widget for HTML Text Citation.
  • Widget for Text Tags.
  • Set the transition time for all effects on the page.
  • HTML Widget for Tumblr Follow.
  • HTML Widget for Tumblr Share.
  • Visitor alert.
  • Sections widget.
  • Fox


In our store you can also find free widgets that you can download individually or you can download the full pack.

Our Free Widget Pack includes 8 free widgets from our store. You can find many other free widgets that are not included in this pack in our shop.

  • Adobe Muse Newsletter Widget.
  • Search and Replace any text in Adobe Muse.
  • Cool Countdown.
  • Password Protection for Adobe Muse Site.
  • Free Hover Animation Effects.
  • Cookie Policy Widget.
  • News feed Widget.
  • Muse Social Content Locker.

These widgets will help you start with your new Adobe Muse site. Add a countdown so your visitors know when your site will be launched, apply animation effects to your website elements, include Cookie Policy to comply with EU laws or engage your visitors to share content with our Social Content locker… all these functionalities for free!

Download the bundle here.


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Find these and more free Muse widgets in our store, soon more!

We also publish free Muse resources which are exclusive to our blog readers and followers. Apart from learning with our free Muse tutorials how to create great cool designs, you can also get freebies like:

Last update: March – 2018

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