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Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

  • By downloading our free or premium widgets and templates you agree to:
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      The aim of our newletter service is to keep our customers and visitors updated about new software releases or new service offerings. The subscription to our newsletter service is not mandatory. The frequency of the newsletter issues will be at most monthly, unless serious security concerns about one of our software programmes will force us to do otherwise.
  • You can use any item purchased in Responsive-Muse.com for personal and commercial use.
  • By purchasing a single item, you get 90 days of support starting from the purchase date. After the expiry date, an additional payment will be required to get support for that product.
  • When you purchase Premium Access, you will get support and updates as long as your subscription is active.
  • Do not resell or distribute our templates or widgets online in any format. Our items cannot be used in a product offered for sale where the items contribute to the core value of the product being sold.
  • You can use our products to create more than one unique end product. Buy purchasing our products you get a “multi-use” license, which means that you can use them as many times as you want.
  • We always try our best to develop our products, update them and support our clients, but we provide our software as is without warranty of any kind either express or implied.
  • If you experience any damage, hacker or spammer attack or another kind of problem in your website, you are free to inform us and we will try to update our product avoiding security breach, but we are not responsible of any of the problems.
  • By using our website, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy, Themes Generator ToS, these terms of use and agree to their terms.
  • By using our website, you hereby declare to be of full legal age in your country.

Refund and Returns

Due to the digital and easily replicable nature of themes and widgets, we unfortunately can not offer refunds unless the product does not verifiably function the way it was designed or specified to. In cases such as this, Responsive Muse will first provide unrelenting support to rectify any anomalies and issues, but in the event a solution can not be found, a refund will then be offered. Check our complete Refund Policy here.

Premium Access

By purchasing this plan you will access all our widgets and templates for a fixed price during 1 month or 1 year.


  • All our Widget Library.

You can download our Muse Online Shop, add Facebook and Disqus Comments or any other widget from our library to help you design your Adobe Muse Website.

  • Download all our Templates.

Save time designing your website by downloading one of our Adobe Muse Templates.

  • Free Updates during purchased period.

You will have free updates during 1 month or 1 year. You can download all the widgets that are updated during these period from your Account in Responsive Muse. All the new widgets published during these periods will also be included in your plan, with no extra fees.

  • Priority Support.

If you decide to become a Premium User, you will have priority support. You can get help in our Support Forum, submit a ticket or contact us by mail. When you purchase Premium Access, you will get support and updates as long as your subscription is active.

  • Refund

Since you can download all our widgets and templates minutes after your purchase is complete and use them forever, we do not offer a refund for Premium Access under no circumstances.

NOTE: this plan will not give you access to WordPress Converter. It requires a different plan

Muse to WordPress Converter

We do not offer refund for Muse to WordPress Converter after three days from the purchase date.

Themes Generator

By using Themes Generator, you hereby consent and agree to our Privacy Policy , Responsive Muse ToS and Themes Generator specific terms of use.

If you need to request an Invoice, please contact Responsive Muse at hello@responsive-muse.com and we will provide it to you.

Limited Liability
We reserve the sole right to either modify or discontinue the newletter, at any time with or without notice to you. We will not be liable to you or any third party should we exercise such right. Any new features that augment or enhance the then-current services on this site shall also be subject to these Terms of Use.
We reserve the sole right to unsubscribe users / visitors from or newsletter service, without notice . We will do so with any subscriber we deem registered with fake data.

Privacy policy
We will not communicate / spread / publish or otherwise give away your address. You’ll be able to change your subscription settings or to delete it alltogether anytime.

Delete your data
You can use our contact form anytime if you do not want to receive more emails from us.

This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control.


What Are Cookies

As is common practice with almost all professional websites this site uses cookies, which are tiny files that are downloaded to your computer, to improve your experience. This page describes what information they gather, how we use it and why we sometimes need to store these cookies. We will also share how you can prevent these cookies from being stored however this may downgrade or ‘break’ certain elements of the sites functionality.

For more general information on cookies see the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies…

How We Use Cookies

We use cookies for a variety of reasons detailed below. Unfortunately in most cases there are no industry standard options for disabling cookies without completely disabling the functionality and features they add to this site. It is recommended that you leave on all cookies if you are not sure whether you need them or not in case they are used to provide a service that you use.

Disabling Cookies

You can prevent the setting of cookies by adjusting the settings on your browser (see your browser Help for how to do this). Be aware that disabling cookies will affect the functionality of this and many other websites that you visit. Disabling cookies will usually result in also disabling certain functionality and features of the this site. Therefore it is recommended that you do not disable cookies.

The Cookies We Set

If you create an account with us then we will use cookies for the management of the signup process and general administration. These cookies will usually be deleted when you log out however in some cases they may remain afterwards to remember your site preferences when logged out.

We use cookies when you are logged in so that we can remember this fact. This prevents you from having to log in every single time you visit a new page. These cookies are typically removed or cleared when you log out to ensure that you can only access restricted features and areas when logged in.

This site offers newsletter or email subscription services and cookies may be used to remember if you are already registered and whether to show certain notifications which might only be valid to subscribed/unsubscribed users.

When you submit data to through a form such as those found on contact pages or comment forms cookies may be set to remember your user details for future correspondence.

Third Party Cookies

In some special cases we also use cookies provided by trusted third parties. The following section details which third party cookies you might encounter through this site.

This site uses Google Analytics which is one of the most widespread and trusted analytics solution on the web for helping us to understand how you use the site and ways that we can improve your experience. These cookies may track things such as how long you spend on the site and the pages that you visit so we can continue to produce engaging content.

For more information on Google Analytics cookies, see the official Google Analytics page.

More Information

What types of cookies do we use ?

Hopefully that has clarified things for you and as was previously mentioned if there is something that you aren’t sure whether you need or not it’s usually safer to leave cookies enabled in case it does interact with one of the features you use on our site. However if you are still looking for more information then you can contact us through one of our preferred contact methods.

Essential: Some cookies are essential for you to be able to experience the full functionality of our site. They allow us to maintain user sessions and prevent any security threats. They do not collect or store any personal information. For example, these cookies allow you to log-in to your account and add products to your basket, and checkout securely.

Statistics: These cookies store information like the number of visitors to the website, the number of unique visitors, which pages of the website have been visited, the source of the visit, etc. These data help us understand and analyze how well the website performs and where it needs improvement.

Marketing: Our website displays advertisements. These cookies are used to personalize the advertisements that we show to you so that they are meaningful to you. These cookies also help us keep track of the efficiency of these ad campaigns.

The information stored in these cookies may also be used by the third-party ad providers to show you ads on other websites on the browser as well.

Functional: These are the cookies that help certain non-essential functionalities on our website. These functionalities include embedding content like videos or sharing content of the website on social media platforms.

Preferences: These cookies help us store your settings and browsing preferences like language preferences so that you have a better and efficient experience on future visits to the website.

The below list details the cookies used in our website.

A3Yahoo set this cookie for targeted advertising.
bp_user-registeredThis cookie is used to set which users can access the private pages of the website. It is a functional cookie.
bp_user-roleThis is a functional cookie. It is used to set restriction to the user on acessing certain pages like back office, account page etc.
bp_ut_sessionThis is a functional cookie. This cookie is used to set restriction to the user on acessing certain pages like back office, account page etc.
bsw_origin_initDescription is currently not available.
CDescription is currently not available.
CONSENTYouTube sets this cookie via embedded YouTube videos and registers anonymous statistical data.
cookielawinfo-checkbox-advertisementSet by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin, this cookie records the user consent for the cookies in the "Advertisement" category.
cookielawinfo-checkbox-analyticsSet by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin, this cookie records the user consent for the cookies in the "Analytics" category.
cookielawinfo-checkbox-functionalThe GDPR Cookie Consent plugin sets the cookie to record the user consent for the cookies in the category "Functional".
cookielawinfo-checkbox-necessarySet by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin, this cookie records the user consent for the cookies in the "Necessary" category.
cookielawinfo-checkbox-othersSet by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin, this cookie stores user consent for cookies in the category "Others".
cookielawinfo-checkbox-performanceSet by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin, this cookie stores the user consent for cookies in the category "Performance".
CookieLawInfoConsentCookieYes sets this cookie to record the default button state of the corresponding category and the status of CCPA. It works only in coordination with the primary cookie.
dQuantserve sets this cookie to anonymously track information on how visitors use the website.
DSIDThis cookie is set by DoubleClick to note the user's specific user identity. It contains a hashed/encrypted unique ID.
GoogleAdServingTestGoogle sets this cookie to determine what ads have been shown to the website visitor.
google_pushBidSwitch sets the google_push cookie as a user identifier to allow multiple advertisers to share user profile identities when a web page is loaded.
IDEGoogle DoubleClick IDE cookies store information about how the user uses the website to present them with relevant ads according to the user profile.
mcQuantserve sets the mc cookie to track user behaviour on the website anonymously.
mt_mopMediaMath uses this cookie to synchronize the visitor ID with a limited number of trusted exchanges and data partners.
test_cookiedoubleclick.net sets this cookie to determine if the user's browser supports cookies.
tuuidThe tuuid cookie, set by BidSwitch, stores an unique ID to determine what adverts the users have seen if they have visited any of the advertiser's websites. The information is used to decide when and how often users will see a certain banner.
tuuid_luThis cookie, set by BidSwitch, stores a unique ID to determine what adverts the users have seen while visiting an advertiser's website. This information is then used to understand when and how often users will see a certain banner.
uidThis is a Google UserID cookie that tracks users across various website segments.
uuidMediaMath sets this cookie to avoid the same ads from being shown repeatedly and for relevant advertising.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEYouTube sets this cookie to measure bandwidth, determining whether the user gets the new or old player interface.
YSCYoutube sets this cookie to track the views of embedded videos on Youtube pages.
yt-remote-connected-devicesYouTube sets this cookie to store the user's video preferences using embedded YouTube videos.
yt-remote-device-idYouTube sets this cookie to store the user's video preferences using embedded YouTube videos.
yt.innertube::nextIdYouTube sets this cookie to register a unique ID to store data on what videos from YouTube the user has seen.
yt.innertube::requestsYouTube sets this cookie to register a unique ID to store data on what videos from YouTube the user has seen.
_gaGoogle Analytics sets this cookie to calculate visitor, session and campaign data and track site usage for the site's analytics report. The cookie stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly generated number to recognise unique visitors.
_ga_*Google Analytics sets this cookie to store and count page views.
__gadsGoogle sets this cookie under the DoubleClick domain, tracks the number of times users see an advert, measures the campaign's success, and calculates its revenue. This cookie can only be read from the domain they are currently on and will not track any data while they are browsing other sites.
__gpiGoogle Ads Service uses this cookie to collect information about from multiple websites for retargeting ads.


UPDATE: 25th May 2018

ZIMA Development S.L. (from now own ZIMA) is the owner of Responsive Muse and responsible of this site, which provides the following services:

  • Resources for Adobe Muse
  • Web design and development
  • Online marketing
  • e-Learning

ZIMA is 100% committed to protect the privacy and security of all our customers and site visitors. This notice describes our privacy policy, following The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (GDPR) on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.


We need your personal data to contact and receive information about the services provided by ZIMA. Likewise, if you do not provide these personal data or not to accept this data protection policy, it implies the impossibility of subscribing, registering or receiving information from such services.

The data we gather will be incorporated into the information systems ownership of Zima Development SL with registered address at Avenida de Pumarín, 38, 5 B, – 33011 – Oviedo – Asturias- Spain. We work to protect the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information you input.

The user who sends the information to ZIMA is solely responsible for the veracity and correctness of the data included, exonerating ZIMA any responsibility in this regard. ZIMA is not responsible for the veracity of the information that is not of own elaboration and which is indicated by another source, and therefore does not assume any responsibility as to hypothetical damages that could be caused by the use of such information.


We need your personal data to do the following:

  • To identify you when you log in.
  • To offer you support whenever you contact us with an issue.
  • To send you newsletters with updates of our products, offers, latest news and other information related to our services.
  • To take payments and give refunds.
  • To manage billing and taxes.

Here are the types of information that we gather:

    • FREE USER. A free user is a user that only downloads a free product from our site. The personal data required to download a free product are:  first name, last name and email. Creating an account in our system is compulsory to download any product.
    • PAID USER. A paid user is a user that has purchased one of our products or services. Personal data and billing details are required to purchase a product: first name, last name, email, address, ZIP code, city, province/state and country. Data such as phone number, ID/VAT are optional. Creating an account in our system is compulsory to download any product.

Like many sites, we use “cookies,” and we obtain certain types of information when your web browser accesses responsive-muse.com or advertisements and other content served by or on behalf of responsive-muse.com on other websites. 


We do not store any credit card information. We instead rely on the secure third-party payment processor Redsys and PayPal.

For how long do we store your data?

For billing purposes, we will store the data of users that have purchased products for the period of time required to meet legal or regulatory requirements. You can delete your data at any time by exercising your rights as explained below.

With who do we share your data?

We do not, and will not, sell any of your personal data to any third party. However, to provide our best services to you and to let you know about our latest news, we need to share your name, second name and email to SendGrid, Inc., an email delivery service company. You can read about their privacy policy here  https://sendgrid.com/policies/privacy/services-privacy-policy/#information-collected

If you wish to cancel your newsletter subscription, you can contact us (hello@responsive-muse.com) or you can unsubscribe from our list yourself by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button that you will find at the bottom of every newsletter.


We recognize your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition and your rights to transparent information, to erasure, to restriction of processing and to data portability.

Which means you have the right to:

  • Be informed about how your personal information is being used
  • Access the personal information we hold about you.
  • Request the correction of inaccurate personal information we hold about you.
  • Request we delete your data.
  • Stop receiving our newsletters, which you can also do on your own whenever you receive a newsletter.
  • Request the transfer or port elements of your data to another service provider.
  • Be forgotten, to eliminate any trace of data.
  • Complain to your data protection regulator in your country.

You may direct your communications and exercise your rights to hello@responsive-muse.com


Responsive Muse (therefore, ZIMA) does not sell products for children. If you are under age of consent in your country, you may use our site only with the involvement of a parent or a guardian. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of under age of consent without the consent of their parent’s or guardian.


ZIMA reserves the right to modify the present policy to adapt it to new legislation or jurisprudence as well as to industry practices. In such cases, ZIMA will make it clear on responsive-muse.com website or by some other means of contact such as email, so you will be able to review the changes before continuing using the website.

RESPONSIVE MUSE | ZIMA DEVELOPMENT S.L. | CIF: B74414673 | Avda. Pumarín, 38, 5B – 33011 Oviedo – Asturias – Spain | Email: hello@responsive-muse.com | Phone: 605404185

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