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Muse to WordPress Template Converter

Muse and WordPress are now compatible! Convert any Adobe Muse Template into WordPress by using our Converter. Combine the advantages that Adobe Muse offers to web designers and WordPress Content Management System.


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Design your websites with Adobe Muse

We will provide you an easy to use widget collection that will allow you to design a Muse template, ready to use in our template converter

Export your template and upload it to our Converter

Create a .zip file with your page export and upload it to our Adobe Muse to WordPress converter

Download your converted template and install it in WordPress. That easy!

Give us some seconds to let our converter do the magic and it´s done! You can download your WordPress compatible template

Why Muse+Wordpress is better?


Allow your clients to edit your website content (posts and pages) with an easy to use control panel. Set user roles & permissions.


We will provide you a .muse file with an example built template. You can create your website from strach or edit our template for faster development.

SEO friendly

There is no CMS more SEO friendly than WordPress. Improve your SEO using tons of WordPress widgets, improve page loading speed…


WordPress will allow you to set up automatic backups and to use enhanced security plugins like WordFence or Sucuri Security.

Get the control

WordPress dashboard is a very strong tool that will allow you to create categories, schedule posts, set password protected areas, publish and unpublish pages, change menus with drag&drop… Everything!

And much more…

There is a world of posibilities combining Adobe Muse and WordPress. Our Adobe Muse to WordPress template converter is in continuous development and it will let you use almost all WordPress plugins.

Muse to WordPress Template Generator

Finally it´s here! After a lot of hard work, our team has developed the first Adobe Muse to WordPress template converter.

Using our widgets and following easy steps, you can convert your Adobe Muse designs into a 100% WordPress compatible theme. Enjoy WordPress features and all the advantages of Adobe Muse. It has never been this easy.

Get a free template to start with

Sports Template includes the widgets you need to convert it into WordPress.

A 5 paged template for you to start with with the Converter Widgets and Animation Widgets. Once you subscribe, you can download it!

Yes, as long as you use our widgets. Once you subscribe to our converter, you can download our sample templates to start with.
There is a monthly subscription to access our Converter. You can subscribe and see prices here.
With our monthly subscription, you can use our Converter as many times as you want!

Yes, most of them will be. Only some plugins like Woocommerce that require advanced template modifications will not work.

Not yet, but our developers are working very hard to include new features soon, including an integration with Woocommerce.

You can download the WordPress Converter Widget Pack in the bottom area of the Converter Page.

  • Each of our 5 pages correspond to a different WordPress Area. This is how WordPress Templates work so you DEFINITELY need these five pages.
  •  In Adobe Muse you just need to create/design 5 pages. The rest of the pages, like “About us”, “Contact” or Blog posts are created in WordPress.
  • If you are not very familiar with WordPress, find WordPress Tutorials to understand it first.
  • The exported designs must be Responsive (not Adaptive, as this layout is not compatible with the Converter).
  • The created zip size should not exceed 25mb. The average zip size is usually between 2 to 4 mb, so 25mb should be more than enough.

The Converter is compatible with the latest versions of Adobe Muse:

  • Adobe Muse CC 2017
  • Adobe Muse CC 2015.2.1
  • Adobe Muse CC 2015.2

But we only offer Support for Adobe Muse CC 2017 and up.

When you install the converted template into WordPress, a default Menu is created with “dummy elements”
To customise your menu, go to Appearance -> Menus in WordPress Control Panel.

No. The Converter is a tool to convert Muse Templates into WordPress.
Wordpress and Adobe Business Catalyst are different platforms so the templates that have used our Converter will not work in Business Catalyst.

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