Product Description


If you are an Adobe Muse user, you have probably had problems trying to center an element to your site. Pinning the element to the center with the Adobe Muse Pin Tool does not really work as you are pinning it to the center of your workspace, and not to the center of the browser.

When we talk about center, we mean center vertically and horizontally. This means that when you scroll down or up, the element remains in the middle of the browser.

Our Absolute Center Widget solves this problem. You can perfectly center images and text on your webpage.

You can set a fixed (stuck, floating) or absolute position:

  • Fixed position: widget content will stay always in center, even if you scroll page down.
  • Absolute position: widget content will stay in center on page load. If you scroll down, it will move.


1. Drop widget and resize it as you need.
2. If you just want an image, disable both texts, choose an image and resize widget.
3. You can also set background opacity 0 if you do not want any background color.
4. Try absolute and fixed position to see differences.

NOTE: you should not use this widget more than once time per page.

UPDATE V2: compatible with last Muse version (Sep, 2016).

Please, notice that due to differences between widget resizing in Muse workspace and in Muse preview, image vertical centering may not be as expected.