What’s new in Responsive Muse?

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Yes! Finally, Adobe Muse is responsive. The so wanted feature that all web designers were waiting for and Adobe, after so many years, has given it to us. This is by far the most significant change in Muse history. Adobe announced the feature in October 2015, but the update was not available until this month (February 2016). And guess what? We have tried it and we love it! The new Responsive Muse is as easy to use as the old Muse and, as a new features, you get a breakpoint bar. This allows you to see the behaviour of your website and you can choose the best breakpoints for your design.

The good news is that our team will design Responsive Muse templates for you to download for free. You can easily customize them because you do not need coding skills. This is the greatest advantage! Designers, this is the best program for you if you want to learn web design. With the new Responsive Muse, your imagination is free to create unique layouts and designs, and you do not have to restrict it to the old Adaptive Layout ever again. Now, let me tell you the reason why every web designer that uses Adobe Muse as his tool is so excited about this.

Before this update, Adobe Muse only created Adaptive Layouts, which meant that you had to design 3 different layouts: desktop, tablet and phone. The problem is that not all tablet screens are the same width, neither are the desktops, laptops and smartphones. Responsive web design is related to the developing of a website design in a way that helps the lay out to change according to your screen resolution. For example, A four column layout on a 1300 pixels width screen, would change to a 2 columns layout, on a 1000 pixel width screen. In other words, a Responsive Design makes your website look good in any device: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphone.

More Responsive Templates and Widgets coming soon!

Responsive Web Design is about using CSS and HTML to resize, hide, move or enlarge the content of your website to make it look good on any screen. Amazing, right? Well, before you needed to know coding to do all this incredible things, but now, with Muse Responsive and our responsive templates and widgets, you just need your imagination and creativity!

Our Templates are pre-designed webpages that you can customize yourself without having to hire a professional web developer or designer. Did you know that many web developers and designers work with templates? This allows them to work faster and build a reasonably priced website. You can download our Responsive Templates on our website and start customizing your website today. You will download a single file and our templates have the extension .muse, so you just need Adobe Muse to open it.

Jube is our first Responsive Template, completely free to download. Soon there will be more templates, adapted to the trends and your needs. Are you as excited as we are?