Adobe Muse Unexpected Format Number 363 error

Our Developer Team has recently detected an error in Adobe Muse that causes problems while using .mulib format widgets in older versions of Muse. This problem is mainly found in [...]

How to use CC Libraries in Muse

There are many ways to share assets between your applications but Creative Cloud Subscribers haver what is called CC Libraries. You can organize, share your assets and easily access [...]

Creating easy CSS Animations in Muse with Animista

You can easily add CSS Animations to your Adobe Muse website. If you visit Animista you will find a collection of pre-made animations, all well organized and very accessible [...]

How to create a Portfolio in Adobe Muse

You can create a simple portfolio with in built Muse widgets. It is not a third party widget that you have to purchase. You can get this effect combining [...]

Top 5 Tools for Adobe Muse Designers

Here are 5 tools that are very helpful for Muse Designers, where you can simulate different devices and check the sites responsiveness, get inspiration or solve other problems that you [...]

5 Useful Tips to improve your Adobe Muse Experience

In this post you will find very helpful information for a better designing experience with Adobe Muse. Either you are a beginner or you have been using Muse for a [...]

How to build a Responsive Website with Adobe Muse

After your are done with your web design, it is time to start adjusting some elements inside your workspace and adding breakpoints. In this tutorial we build a Responsive Website [...]

How to place your PSD template to Adobe Muse

Many web designers use Adobe Photoshop to design websites. It allows you te create web assets very fast and gives you a good visual representation of the finished websites, [...]

Get all our widgets and templates with Premium Access

We have good news for all our users! Now you can get all our widgets and templates with a subscription. In Responsive Muse online shop you can purchase our [...]

How to convert fonts to web fonts and use them with our Widgets

Adobe Muse exports to image fonts that do not have fallbacks. Great thing about our widgets is that you can use any web font you want and even typekit! But [...]

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