How to embed free chat in Adobe Muse

There are many ways a visitor or customer can contact you. They can use a contact form, phone, email or even a forum. Online chat systems have become popular lately because it provides customers immediate access to you. It may sound difficult to implement a live chat in your Adobe Muse website but with platforms like Zandesk (formerly Zopim) it is very easy to embed your chat.

Visit and try the Free Lite version. Once you account is active, go to your dashboard. There you will find the code you need to copy to your clipboard and in Muse.



Before copying the embed code, go to Appearance options. There you can change the layout of the chat widget. You can choose the colors, the size, upload a picture or avatar, type the text you want to show and many more.


When you are done customizing the widget, copy the code and go to Muse. Paste the code by selecting Object-> Insert HTML.

Preview the widget. You can test it in Muse Preview mode. Type something into the chat and see the results live. If your Zandesk Dashboard is still open, you will get a notification that you have received a message from a customer. It is in te dashboard where you should reply back to your customer.

Watch the tutorial for more detailed information.

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