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Add a Donate Button to your website to encourage contributions and make it as easy as possible. This Paypal Donate Button is an essential element in your website designed by Adobe Muse. Make it ease for your most charitable users!

Visitor will be able to enter the desired amount (in dollars) and even leave a Donation note. Once users click on the “donate” button, they will be taken to a secure PayPal payment page, where they can log into an existing PayPal account or sign up for a new one, and quickly complete the transaction.

You can change the background colour along with the border the button and the form colour. Resize the widget, play with the opacity and change the displayed message.



– Very easy to use.
– Just add widget to your workspace and customise color, background, padding and size.
–¬†Customisable message.
– Secure Paypal Payment.
– Compatible with our Online Shop Widget.


1 – Add the widget into Muse workspace.
2 – Set up your paypal email.
3 – Select what text you want to appear.
4 – Customize backgrounds, padding and button.




4 reviews for Paypal Donation Widget

  1. Jack (verified owner)

    This is a very simple and effective widget… not only great for donations, but the widget allows the text/colors to be edited. So for any freelancers out there giving customers custom quotes, this widget works perfect!

  2. Bian Z

    nice customization options. Works ok on my site

  3. Collin K

    I was looking for this

  4. Boey Chen

    I tested it and works with Muse Online Shop too. Adds donation to the cart so you can combine both widgets. Thanks, I thought it wouldn’t be possible.

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