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A cool Muse widget for Counting Down to a Date with extended styling options. This timer is free and you can use it for your website or blog.

What are you looking forward to? Every site need buzz. Stir up some excitement by including a countdown and make your visitors look forward to it too. You can get your visitors talking about what they are going to see… and who knows, maybe it goes viral!

This Free Cool Countdown Widget is an animated countdown that counts days, hours, minutes and seconds. You just have to choose the date and the time and the widget will work on its on.



This is a free countdown is simple and easy to use. Follow these steps to customize yours:
1. Choose the most suitable font size and font weight for your countdown.
2. Open the color selector for text color.
3. There are 4 different text styles. Once you decide which style suits best, set the final date and the widget will automatically start the countdown.
4. You can decide if you want the minutes and seconds to show, text labels and line breaks between

Created by Responsive Muse.


Thanks to Ian for bug report!

  • Problems with longer dates fixed.
  • Centered text on all styles when using line break.



Please follow these instructions to download a free widget:

  1. Add to cart the widgets that you want to download.
  2. Click on the cart icon to view the widgets and “proceed to checkout”.
  3. Fill in the billing details to create an account and press “continue” to “place order”.
  4. You will receive two emails to access your account and to download the widget. You can enter your account or directly download it from the email.
Free Widgets just need the billing details to create an account. There will be no charges as no credit card information is asked.

5 reviews for Free Cool Countdown

  1. Claude Ferrara

    finally one counter without seconds

  2. mirko


  3. Eric (verified owner)

    doesn’t work 🙁

    • responsive-muse (verified owner)

      Widget is working for us and other users. Can you detail us your problem and Adobe Muse version? Thank you!

  4. markus.quintus (verified owner)

    Its OK.

    I miss the Horizontal alignment,

    Its quite huge if you add minutes and seconds

  5. Arabella

    Nice to have different stylings!

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