Product Description



The Muse Shop Widget is a solution to integrate E-commerce to your websites designed with Adobe Muse. Now you can build a complete online store using this widget! It takes a few minutes to set up your store. You just need a PayPal account and it will link on its own.

Our Online Shop Widget for Adobe Muse is very intuitive. Clients with very little understanding will find this store easy to manage. No matter if you are building a store for yourself or your client, this widget is your perfect solution.

When you purchase our Paypal Online Shop Widget, you are actually purchasing 5 widgets. Choose the widget that better suits your needs to build your shop, or feel free to combine them!

You can style each product widget, add pictures, apply discounts or add variables such as size or colour. The Shopping cart is visible in all pages for a fluid navigation.

The muse shop widget was the request in our website which had more votes. We heard you and we developed it! An easy E-commerce using paypal is now available for you.

Adobe Muse online store widget created by Responsive Muse.


You will see two different widgets:

  • museshop-shopping-cart
  • museshop-product

You need to drop one instance of museshop-shopping-cart in your page and one museshop-product per each product you want to set up.

  • In the main widget (museshop-shopping-cart) you will configure shop and Paypal general settings.
  • In the product widget (museshop-product) you will configure each product settings.
  • Users will introduce their data in Paypal platform, where you can check payments and get their delivery data.
  • Paypal allows users to pay with their Paypal balance or credit card.

At the bottom of this page you can check our videotutorial and preview to see how it works.


  • Now you can set up to 2 decimals in the price and force Adobe Muse to show leading zeros. Just use included widget museshop-product-with-leading-zeros.mulib.



  • Choose among different fonts.
  • Product Cart accessible in all pages.
  • New widget added that allows to use simple products or combinations (size, color, type…).
  • Each combination can have its own price. You can use up to 2 different groups of attributes.

This online shop widget pack contains four product mulibs for you to choose:

  • Musehop-product-simple.mulib
    Our basic Mushop to create  simple products.
  • Musehop-product-simple-with-leading-zeros.mulib
    Create a simple product and display leading zeros.
  • Musehop-product-variable.mulib
    A more advanced product where you can choose different variables such as size, type or color, make up to 2 combinations and add their own prices.
  • Musehop-product-variable-with-leading-zeros.mulib
    Our advanced product with all the different variables and leading zeros.


  • Add shipping cost to every product.
  • Add total shipping cost (disable individual product shipping value). This will use total shipping value at checkout when more than one purchase has been made.
    IMPORTANT: total shipping will only work in simple one page shops. In more complex shops, you will need to enter a shipping fee for each product individually.
  • Add tax rate to every product.
  • New discount design in single product.
  • Shopping cart compatible with Donation Widget (allow your clients to send you any money amount)


  • Added new sizes to product fields.
  • Added transparency options to product fields.
  • New font control settings.
  • Added option to automatically decrease cart icon in mobile devices.
  • Now you can replace ‘Add to cart” button with your own image.

Last update: March 14th, 2017

Check our preview to see different product combinations: with and without pictures, full or fixed width products & different styles.


You can also check our premium Baker’s: eCommerce Template as a example of this online shop widget.