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Download for free 5 Hover Animation Effects for Adobe Muse. Apply these effects over any image and control the animation speed. This is a free widget that you can download from your account.

Creating gentle and subtle movements on your site is a way to attract the users attention. Join the trend and animate your website!

Animation is normally achieved with CSS, but with our Hover Animation Effect Widget you will not write a line of code. You just need to apply a graphic style to the element and control the duration of the animation.


If you experience any problem creating animation, right click your element and select “delete all styles”. After that, asign animation style again.


Just create a new Muse Graphic Style with one of this names and apply it to your element:




Please follow these instructions to download a free widget:

  1. Add to cart the widgets that you want to download.
  2. Click on the cart icon to view the widgets and “proceed to checkout”.
  3. Fill in the billing details to create an account and press “continue” to “place order”.
  4. You will receive two emails to access your account and to download the widget. You can enter your account or directly download it from the email.
Free Widgets just need the billing details to create an account. There will be no charges as no credit card information is asked.



10 reviews for Hover Animation Effects Free

  1. JamesSprag

    Great free widget! thank you very much

  2. Merik


  3. ados

    it good

  4. kavaskar

    its good. thanks for your work

  5. Carola

    Nice animations. Only problem is you cannot use them together with another plugins that requires to assign a different graphic style on same element.

  6. blonder9


  7. rriitthh

    Good Widgets

  8. park

    it’s very good

  9. Konstantin T

    thanks for offering freebies!

  10. saurabh

    how to get it free

    • responsive-muse

      Just add it to the cart and complete the checkout!

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