How to create a Responsive Muse Website in 15 minutes starting from a template


Using a template to design your website will help you save lots of time. With just a few clicks to change photos, text and icons, you can customize your own website. If you are a Muse beginner  or you are planning to design your first website with Muse, we recommend you to start with a template. In this post you will learn the basic steps to change all the elements!

We are going to use our Museum One Page Template that you can purchase in our shop here. It is a simple and clean template that you can follow as a guide. Open your in Muse and let’s begin!

  1. First we are going to change the images of the template and add some of our own choice. There is a layer with a low opacity above the image that we will also change. Make this layer smaller so you can select the image and go to Fill. Delete the old image and attach yours. Change the colors of the layer above if you want. The layer gives the picture a nice filter effect. Do the same with all the images of the template. Make sure you do not touch any other option so it will keep the parallax effect. how-to-create-muse-responsive-website-template-15-minutes3how-to-create-muse-responsive-website-template-15-minutes4
  2. Get Font Awesome in Muse first. Here is a tutorial if you still do no have it. Open the Font Awesome Cheatsheet here  and select the icon you want. Paste it over the old icons and you will see how it changes!how-to-create-muse-responsive-website-template-15-minutes2
  3. Edit the text boxes with the content that you want. You can either delete or modify the texts.
  4. This Museum template includes our Sliding Box Widget that you can reuse as many times as you want for other projects. You can watch a tutorial on how to modify this widget herehow-to-create-muse-responsive-website-template-15-minutes5


Watch the tutorial for more detailed steps!

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