How to create a Muse fullscreen website with animated text

Here is another tutorial on how to create a fullscreen background with an animated text with built in widgets. I have combined the fullscreen slideshow and the tooltip widget to create this effect. The fullscreen widget will adapt to all browser’s width and height so you do not have to worry about resizing it. Follow this steps to create your own:

  1. Drag the fullscreen slideshow and delete all the pictures, the previous and next button and the counter.

full-page-animated text2


2. Drag the Tooltip widget and center it. Open the widget options and select Stacked position, autoplay, resume after and change the transition speed to 1,5 seconds. Delete all the strokes and fills until it is transparent. Add a text box and type the desired text. Use the text tool to customize it.

full-page-animated text3


3. Select the trigger buttons and change their color when active and normal using the States Panel.

full-page-animated text5


Follow these steps to replicate a full page background or use it as an inspiration to create your own. 
Watch the tutorial for more information.

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