The rise of smart translation in global business

We live in an increasingly globalized world, which means that the business boundaries are consistently dissolving. Companies are no longer limited by the borders of their own countries – they now have all the opportunities to expand their operations across the globe. The most important barrier to overcome, however, is that of the local language. 

Since it is not plausible for businesses to hire a team member for every single language out there, they must find ways to achieve precise and efficient translation through other technologies. Luckily, we are seeing an increasing rise of smart machine translation solutions, such as Systran, helping companies achieve just that. So, let’s have a look at what it is and its benefits for global businesses. 

Challenges in traditional translation

Historically, businesses relied on human translators for their linguistic needs, since the available technology, such as Google Translate, is simply not sufficient. However, traditional human-based translation methods come with their own set of limitations. There’s the time-intensive nature of translating extensive volumes of content, especially for large corporations with a constant inflow of new material. This often escalates costs, making it an expensive endeavour, too.

Moreover, even slight nuances or misinterpretations can distort the intended message, leading to misunderstandings or, worse, business blunders. Miscommunication, especially in crucial sectors like legal, medical, or finance, can have severe repercussions, ranging from lost business opportunities to legal complications.

Smart language translation solutions

As the AI and ML technology progresses, smart language translation solutions are increasingly capable of providing highly accurate, instant translations to more than 50 languages. The cutting-edge language software Systran is a great example of how machine translation technology can successfully automate this area for global businesses. 

Systran offers a seamless blend of advanced features, precision, and expansive integration capabilities. Its state-of-the-art software uses the powerful machine learning technology to provide translations that are both contextually relevant and culturally sensitive. Additionally, the solution places high importance on data privacy, recognising the confidential nature of business communications and, therefore, the translations. To prevent potential cyber threats, the software is installed on a private cloud and shielded by a firewall, for maximum protection.

The benefits of smart translation systems

Translation software like Systran is not just a tool – it is an enabler for businesses to ensure effective communication on a global scale. As such, this technology allows them to establish a rapport with wider audiences and penetrate markets more efficiently, overall generating higher sales across the world. 

Real-time translation possibilities in multiple languages is a primary advantage for global businesses. This means instant translation of all web pages, documents, and any other assets for the customers, in their native languages. As a result, this improves the customer experience as well as significantly boosts conversion rates. 

More importantly, the customer support teams will benefit from the real-time translations too, whether they are communicating through email, live chat, Skype or any other help desk platform. Again, this ensures increased clarity and immediate resolution of issues, minimising any misunderstandings due to language barriers. 


The landscape of business is shifting, as companies are getting increasingly globalized. With the language barrier being one of the most crucial considerations, investing in smart translation tools to automate and increase the efficiency of this process is essential. 

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