Building an Adobe Spark page – Introduction to the tool

Spark is a new Adobe web app where you can create, as Adobe says, stories in a professional layout. You can create stories in a webpage, in a video [...]

20 Free resume Word templates to impress your employer

In a competitive job market, your CV needs to stand out. Hiring managers spend less time looking over resumes before deciding who will be the next candidate. This is [...]

10 cool tools for web designers that will improve your workflow

In this post we will introduce you to 10 tools that will boost your web design workflow. We understand the importance of saving time and using free tools that [...]

How to edit bulk images

Sometimes you may find yourself resizing hundreds of photos for a website. Your client might have sent you a huge batch of pictures to include in the site and [...]

Adobe Muse CC final release – What’s next

Adobe has announced the end of new feature development for Adobe Muse CC. The feature improvement released on March 26th, 2018 is the last one. As bad and terrifying as [...]

How to add responsive content in Muse – Chapter 9

It will reach a point where you have to adapt all your web elements to your different breakpoints. In this chapter you will learn how to make your Adobe [...]

How to add and edit text in Muse – Chapter 8

  There different ways to add text in Adobe Muse. First, you need to create a text frame. Then, you can add text by typing inside the text frame, [...]

How to use the pin tool and state buttons in Muse – Chapter 7

There are two pin tools in Adobe Muse. Once is used to pin elements to the browser and the other is used to pin elements to the page. In [...]

Add a Contact form in Muse – Chapter 6

No matter if you design a simple one page template or a more complex website with several pages, a contact form is an essential element. Contact forms are used [...]

Check the features of our Lawyers theme

I would like to show you all the features that you can find in Lawyers template. It is a great theme for a Law firm or any business that [...]

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