6 widgets for adding Social Network updates and comments to your site

Most of us are members of various social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. The use of all these different channels is growing which makes necessary to easily show your website visitors your latest updates.

  • Sidebar Widgets

Add these side bar widgets to your website or blog so your visitors can easily access the content of your social networks.
This is one of the best ways to show all your updates organised as these widgets display your status updates automatically.photo-1432888622747-4eb9a8efeb07s

With our Facebook Fanpage Timeline, Twitter Timeline and Pinterest Timeline Widgets you can display your activity
in your website and make it easier for your visitors to follow you.

  • Build a Community

Encourage participant feedback and engagement with an online conversation. Disqus Comments, Facebook Comments and Google+ Comments are the perfect widgets if you aim this. When you share content, you can view the conversation in your social networks, but by using these widgets, you can also view and comment on your own site.

The number of comments in a blog is a way to gauge the health or popularity. The more comments you have means that you have more readers engaged and it will attract more visitors.

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