Product Description


Add Disqus Comments to your Adobe Muse site. Disqus is a tool to build your audience and increase engagement. It is very common to find a Disqus widget in a website as it is used across the world!

When using our Disqus Comments Widget, you can view real time discussions in your website designed with Adobe Muse. It automatically refreshes all comments on its own, which means that you do not have to manually place each comment. You just need to register your website on Disqus and add your shortname to the widget options.

This widget is resizable. You can adapt the size to your different breakpoints or select “full browser width” in Adobe Muse Design Mode.

Main Features of Disqus Comments Widget:

  • Resizable widget.
  • Place it in as many pages as you want.
  • Just set your Disqus Shortname to make it work.
  • Usually, if your domain is, your Disqus shortname will be http-responsive-muse-com
  • You can also check your Disqus shortname in some of their platform integration instructions, e.g. WordPress or Joomla.


1. Drop a new widget to Adobe Muse.
2. Resize it as you need.
3. Set up your Disqus shortname in widget settings.
4. Change internal margin (padding) if you need it.