Free Muse Widgets to Improve SEO & Marketing

Today we will recommend you some free Adobe Muse Widgets that will help you in your marketing and SEO strategy.

  • SEO when you are still designing

    adobe-muse-seo-marketingIt is a good SEO practice do not allow search engines to visit your website while you are still designing it in a new domain. They could index test pages, template pages, “lorem ipsun” or other stuff we do not want they to show in their index. Also, duplicate content, will not help our SEO rankings.

    For this purpose, you should not create a permanent Home Page  until rest of site has been finished.

    While you are building your Muse website, you can use a free countdown widget or a free password protect widget as Home Page. Remember that your temporary Home Page should not have any menu or any link pointing to internal pages, otherway, search engine spiders will find your unfinished pages.

  • Increase social shares

    If you are offering a nice content for free in your website, maybe you want to ask your visitors a little help. Widgets like social content locker free will allow you to lock any content placed inside a container until users like or share your current page in Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

  • Add fresh content to your site

    It is a known SEO fact that fresh content in your site will increase your SEO rankings. Google, Bing and other search engines love webpages that do not stay with static content.

    With widgets like News Widgets Free you will be able to add this kind of content to any part of your Adobe Muse site.

    When using Adobe Muse News Widget, you will be able to show last news or posts from any RSS feed. That means you can show your latests Blog posts (WordPress, Blogger, Joomla…), latests news in any topic, niche or keyword (from any RSS compatible source) and any other content based on RSS in your Muse pages.

    Example: If you are building  a Real State niche site, it would be a great idea to add some Real State news based in your keyword in any area of your page. Each time search engine spiders will visit your page, they will see different and related content.



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