New features in Adobe Muse 2017

Today, Adobe has announced last update (Adobe Muse CC 2017 – November 2016) of Adobe Muse. Some of the new features included in this release seem so cool, we are impatient to try it!

Main features:

  • Power Zoom: this new feature will allow you to focus specific workspace areas when designing. You will be able to zoom in and zoom out when you want to design over smaller areas.muse-power-zoom
  • Animations: now you can import animations from Adobe CC Libraries. Just drag and drop animation in your workspace! You can also collaborate with other Creative Cloud users and share your animations using CC Libraries. Check how to add animations from Animate CC.muse-cc-libraries
  • Library items and breakpoints: now you can add library items with breakpoints that will be automatically added to your page when you click on highlighted icon.widgets-with-breakpoints
  • Easy website sharing: now you can share your site with others while you are still building it by using Share menu. Muse In-browser editing provides you a private control panel where you can preview your sites and provide access to others, like clients or coleagues. You can find more info about this at
  • Contact form widget and reCAPTCHA: finally, Adobe Muse contact form widget supports reCAPTCHA version 2. They have added that option to drop-down captcha list and they also explain how to use it here.adobe-muse-captcha


You can read more info about last Muse release and its features directly from Adobe Muse website or ask us anything related in our forums.

NOTE: if you still can not see this update in Creative Cloud, use gear icon and select “check updates”.

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