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Splash more color to your website by using the Text Highlight Color Widget for Adobe Muse Websites. With this widget you can choose the highlight color of a page. This means that no matter what color the user has selected, whenever they enter you website, the highlight color will change to the one you have specifically selected for your website. Just to add another element that gives your website an extra positive user experience.



– Very easy to use.
– Just add widget to your workspace and customize color.
– This color applies to the portion of a document that has been highlighted (e.g., selected with the mouse or another pointing device) by the user.
– Color change will work in almost all modern browsers. Just some iOS versions running Safari will ignore it.

1 – Add widget into Muse workspace.
2 – Select desired color.
3 – Preview page and select any text to check it’s working.



6 reviews for Text Highlight Color

  1. Stacey M.

    This is fun to use! Thanks for the free widget.

  2. DasS

    nice widget to polish a site.

  3. Santos


  4. Sandra

    i never thought to edit this on my site. I like it. Thank you for the free widget

  5. Amira

    SOOOO CUTE! maybe in future you can add effects like different brush effects

  6. moises

    excelente gracias

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