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Product Description

banner-transpWhen we design a website, we are designing a way to communicate with our visitors. Every element is important like the layout, the font, the colours… But movement is also very important.

Take into account that Web Animations are trendy and fun! so now they are supported in many more browsers. Users love this added features as animations demonstrate a careful attention to detail.

All website pages can be improved with animation effects. This Adobe Muse Widget offers 40 different hover effects. The size or the shape of the element will change while you put your mouse arrow over it.

Animation is normally achieved with CSS, but with our Hover Animation Effect Widget you will not write a line of code. You just need to apply a graphic style to the element and control the duration of the animation.


Just create a new Muse Graphic Style with one of the effects listed below and apply it to your element.

If you experience any problem creating animation, right click your element and select “delete all styles”. Then apply the animation style again.


  • bounceHo
  • flashHo
  • pulseHo
  • rubberBandHo
  • shakeHo
  • swingHo
  • tadaHo
  • wobbleHo
  • jelloHo
  • fadeOutHo
  • fadeOutDownHo
  • fadeOutDownBigHo
  • fadeOutLeftHo
  • fadeOutLeftBigHo
  • fadeOutRightBigHo
  • fadeOutUpHo
  • fadeOutUpBigHo
  • flipOutXHo
  • flipOutYHo
  • lightSpeedOutHo
  • rotateInHo
  • rotateInDownRightHo
  • rotateInUpLeftHo
  • rotateOutHo
  • rotateOutDownLeftHo
  • rotateOutDownRightHo
  • rotateOutUpLeftHo
  • rotateOutUpRightHo
  • hingeHo
  • rollOutHo
  • zoomOutHo
  • zoomOutDownHo
  • zoomOutLeftHo
  • zoomOutRightHo
  • zoomOutUpHo
  • slideOutDownHo
  • slideOutLeftHo
  • slideOutRightHo
  • slideOutUpHo


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