Learn how to build your WordPress site from zero with this certificate course for beginners

There are many reasons why building your website in WordPress is a good idea. It’s easy to use, you can create simple one-page sites to powerful websites and it’s SEO friendly. We can keep on talking about all the advantages that WordPress has, but in this post, we aren’t going to do that, we want to show you where you can learn how to build your website in WordPress for free.

In the Full WordPress Course for beginners you will learn all the basic steps:

  • Buy a domain and a hosting provider, and then point your domain to your hosting provider.
  • Install WordPress. Learn how to manually install WordPress and discover the advantage of “one-click-installations” that you will find in most hosting providers.
  • An introduction to WordPress Visual Design. You will learn how to use two great tools to build your site: Themes Generator and Page Builder by Site Origin.
  • Free themes vs premium themes. There are so many non-trusty themes from websites that claim that you can download WordPress themes… in this section, you will learn where to get real WordPress themes and even how to build your own.
  • Creating layouts with a free visual builder. This is where the fun starts! We will build page layouts using a free plugin for WordPress.

Once you are done with this one-hour length course, you have the option the get a certificate for the fulfillment of the course. You will need to take a test to prove that you have watched the full course and you will get your certificate. You can watch the course by clicking on the video below and follow this link to take the test https://netgrows.com/wordpress-course-for-beginners/

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