4 free alternatives to PowerPoint that you need to know

PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software, used for business presentations or for educational purposes. The problem is that you need to pay a license to use it, so if you don’t have to budget and you are looking for free alternatives to PowerPoint, in this post I am going to show you 4 free alternatives to PowerPoint that you are going to use for sure.

  1. Google has its own alternative to Powerpoint and it’s called Google Slides. Anyone with a Gmail account has access to it (in addition to Docs, Spreadsheets, and Forms). It runs on your browser, although there is an app for iPhone, Ipad and Android devices. There is a library with lots of templates and you can work together with others at the same time. It works with PowerPoint files, which makes Slides very powerful. Also, Slides autosaves your work, so you don’t need to worry about losing all your work whenever your computer crashes.
  2. You can use Prezi for free, but you will need to get a license. Anyways, Prezi’s free option is great and you can create beautifully animated presentations. It also runs on your browser and I find the interface very user-friendly, with lots of templates that you can use. As a free user, you can create as many presentations as you want, but if you want to use Prezi offline or download your presentation, you will need a license. If you are ok with these limitations, then you will love this presentation tool.
  3. Adobe Spark runs on your browser and you can also download the app for iOS and Android. You can create beautiful presentations that are automatically animated. It’s browser-based and works with a drag and drop interface. It’s pretty simple to use but you cannot, in any way, download your presentation. You get a link that you can share with others and you need an internet connection to preview your creation.
  4. In Canva you can create any kind of graphics using a drag and drop interface. Apart from creating graphics for your social media, now you can do many other things like creating business presentations. You get tons of templates and most of the elements are free (others, might cost around $1 to use them).

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