The 10 best Google Easter Eggs that you need to see

Apart from being the best search engine, Google hides secrets and they call them Easter Eggs. These Easter Eggs show up in specific searches like whimsical logos, jokes, puns and more. They aren’t that easy to find and some people spend lots of time looking for them (and also lots of time enjoying them). As they have been doing this for years, and many have been discontinued, in this post I will show you my favorite Google Easter Eggs that are currently active.

  1. To celebrate Friends 25th anniversary, Google launched 6 Easter Eggs, one for each main character. Go on and type Monica Geller, Rachel Green, Joey Tribiani, Ross Geller and Phoebe Buffay… Which one is your favorite?
  2. Type Atari breakout and click on Images. You will see how all the images will turn into blocks and you can play with them.
  3. Do you need to explain how gravity works? Type Google Gravity on the search bar and see how everything falls.
  4. If you are bored and want to fool around, type Fun facts and read a bunch of interesting random facts.
  5. Remember Sonic the Hedgehog? See what you find when you search for it.
  6. And my favorite videogame, Super Mario Bros. This makes me want to play it again!
  7. If you search for Blink HTML, al the search results that contain these words will blink.
  8. Do you remember how Google looked in 1998? If you are feeling curious, go ahead and check it.
  9. What happens if you click on I’m feeling lucky button when you haven’t typed anything? You go to the Doodle Archive.
  10. Do you need to flip a coin? No worries, Google can do that for you.

There are many more hidden secrets in Google, this is just the first part of a huge collection.

Watch the video to check my favorite Google Easter Eggs.

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