An introduction to WordPress visual design – Chapter 3

After installing WordPress into your domain, it is time to start designing your site. In this chapter, we want to show you two free tools to design your WordPress theme. This video is a sneak peek of what we can do with each of the tools as it was impossible to cover all the things that we wanted to show in just one video. But don´t worry! There will be more videos coming soon.


A free tool to design your own WordPress theme. Themes Generator is based on CSS styles and you will learn CSS principles. You can design your theme from scratch, use pre-styled blocks or use one of the themes to build your own site. It is expected to be launched in August 2018. You can create responsive sites and control how they will look in different devices.

After testing this tool for several months, we think that Themes Generator is an amazing tool for designers that want to create their own theme in WordPress. The drag and drop system, the prebuilt blocks and the starter themes makes it really easy for any designer to design stunning WordPress themes.


Page builder is a free plugin created by SiteOrigin and you will be able to create layouts by using a simple drag and drop interface. We will download Page builder plugin and the Widgets Bundle.

You will also be able to create responsive layouts, add different rows and widgets or load pre-styled layouts without code with this visual builder. A great feature of Page Builder is the Live Editor, where you can make changes on your layout and see them at the same time.

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