Creating layouts with a free visual builder – Chapter 4

In this chapter we will learn how to build a layout using a free visual builder in WordPress. Remember that this is a free plugin and to build layouts using a simple drag and drop interface, you need to download Page Builder and the Widgets Bundle. In your site backend, go to Plugins -> Add new  and search for the plugins. Once you have installed and activated them, you are ready to go!

Let’s create a page in Page -> Add new. It is important to add a title, as a permalink will be automatically created with the words typed in the title. Click on the Page Builder tab to see the visual builder.

In this video we are going to create the layout of internal pages that are part of the portfolio of a VFX producer. We are going to add a row with two columns, choose the ratio of the columns and then add the widgets. On the left column, we are going to add a slider with a few images. On the right, a title, a subtitle, a divider and some text. Page Builder has widgets for each: SiteOrigin Slider, SiteOrigin Headline and SiteOrigin Editor.

We will open each widget and show you what options you will find inside them. Not only will you learn how to create the same layout than in the video, but you will also get ideas to create your own designs. As you can see in this chapter, there are many more widgets inside the widget bundle that we have not used yet. We will sure use and show how they work in future chapters!

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Watch chapter 4 for more detailed steps!


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