How to install WordPress – Chapter 2

We have our domain, we have pointed our domain to our hosting provider and now, it is time to install WordPress. Don’t worry! this is easier than you think. First, you must know that there are two ways to install WordPress into your domain: manually and automatically. Many hosting providers have a quick option to install WordPres automatically into your domain but if you happen to have a hosting that does not have this option, you must install WordPress manually. Anyway, both ways are easier than you think!


Download WordPress from Do not confuse with, they are completely different! is for hobby bloggers and you get domains such as Now, is the real WorPress, it’s free and you have full control. This is the one we will be using. So, go to and download it.

Once you get the downloaded .zip folder, you need to upload it via FTP. Create your FTP account in your hosting provider and upload the file using FileZilla or any other similar program. Next step is to create your database. Go to your hosting and find MySQL Database wizard and just follow the steps. We recommend you to store the credentials that you have typed in this two steps in a safe place/document.

When all of these previous steps are done correctly, visit your domain and you will see the WordPress installation wizard on your screen. Follow the steps to install it: select language, type all the credentials, add a title, a username and password. If you manage to get into your domain’s backend, this means that you have successfully installed WordPress.


Check if your hosting provider has this option. If it does, you will save lots of time. Just click this option and follow the steps. It will automatically upload WordPress to your domain, create a database and all the steps that you need.

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