How to convert fonts to web fonts and use them with our Widgets

Adobe Muse exports to image fonts that do not have fallbacks. Great thing about our widgets is that you can use any web font you want and even typekit! But what can we do with the fonts that export to image? Here is our little trick.

When you download a font, you might only get a format like TTF, but to install it into Adobe Muse, we need 3 formats: SVG, WOFF and EOT. There are many online font converters and we are going to use

1- Click on add font and upload yours (I am going to upload a font called Ginebra). In Formats, select EOT, WOFF, WOFF2 and SVG formats.


  Convert and download the font! You will download a folder with all the selected formats.

2- In Adobe Muse click on FILE -> Add/remove web fonts (A window will open) and click on +Add Fonts


3- Open the folder with the converted fonts and drag these formats: WOFF, WOFF2, SVG, EOT even though Adobe Muse says it just needs WOFF, SVG, EOT. 


4- When it is done, this message will appear


5- Now we are going to use our Animated Typing Widget and we are going to use our new font. Drag it to your workspace and customise it. To change to font, click on the widget and go to Adobe Muse Text Tool and select in WebFont Tab the converted font.


Preview it and see how it works!

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