Get all our widgets and templates with Premium Access

We have good news for all our users! Now you can get all our widgets and templates with a subscription. In Responsive Muse online shop you can purchase our products individually or you can choose to purchase a subscription and access all our products. We have both options now so you can choose which plan suits you better.

If you decide to purchase our Premium Access, you can choose to get a 6 month plan or a 1 year plan. During these periods, you can download all our products, even the new ones! These means that if you purchase the plan in January and we publish new widgets or templates in March or April, you will also have access to them because they are also included in your plan.

What are the benefits of purchasing our Premium Plan?

  • You get all our Widget Library.

You can download and try our whole library, where you can find approximately 50 widgets to enhance your Adobe Muse Designs.

  • All our Templates.

Not only will you get our widgets, also our Templates. You can save time designing your website by downloading one of ours! Thinking about designing an online shop with Adobe Muse? Start with Baker’s, our e-Commerce Adobe Muse Template.

  • Free Updates during purchased period.

If a widget is updated during your purchased period, you can download it from your Account in Responsive Muse. All updates are free, with no extra charges! And remember, all new widgets or templates published during this period will also be available in your account. Premium Access means access to all templates and widgets.

  • Priority Support.

All users that purchase the Premium Access become Premium Users and you will get priority support. 

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