Product Description


Add a nice and cool typing effect to your website using the Animated Typing Widget for Adobe Muse. Write the text that you want to show and it will appear letter by letter like if you were typing with an old typewriter. This widget automatically types out sentences and then deletes them to type the following sentence.

You can configure settings such as how quickly the typing effect and backspacing takes place, the delays before starting a sentence with a simple command, set the animation to loop infinitely or randomise the order of the sentences.



– Resizable widget.
– Place as many elements per page as you want.
– Keep sentence order or shuffle sentences.
– Control typing speed.
– Control backtyping speed (deleting).
– Choose if you want to show animated blinking cursor.
– If you want to type double quotes in your sentences, you will need to escape them by typing \”
– You can pause in the middle of a string for a given amount of time by including an escape character. Use a sentence like “First ^1000 sentence” and widget will wait 1000ms after typing “sentence”. Measurement unit is miliseconds.

1 – Add widget into Muse workspace.
2 – Config widget settings.
3 – Higher speed values means slower typing speed. Measurement unit is miliseconds.
4 – Use has symbol (#) to separate sentences.