How to animate SVG icons in Adobe Muse

There are several ways to add animations to your Adobe Muse website. You can use a widget and apply graphic styles, you can add some coding or you can try a new free online tool called svgator

In svgator you can import your own svg graphics, create animations with no coding skills and export it back into svg. If you have some coding skills, there is a code manager were you can view and edit the code generated.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is always a great option when you are designing a site in Adobe Muse.

  • It is light, which will improve you page loading time and your SEO.
  • Great quality and no scale limitation.
  • Fast and easy to animate.
  • Easy to share. Once exported, the sag file will always keep the animation.
  • Adobe Muse friendly.

Svgator uses a timeline and keyframes to add the animations. You can control the duration of the animation, loop it and in time, probably activate the animation on mouseover. Svgator was launched in October 2017 and so far, it is a great online tool! I am looking forward to new features soon.

Watch the tutorial to learn how to animate svg icons online.

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