Adobe Muse file upload widget updated


It has been a while since we released the Upload Form widget. Since the first version till now, it has been updated several times to improve its functionality and offer Adobe Muse users many styling options. This widget allows users to send you file attachments that you will receive in your email.

You can send to multiple recipients, use any web font a part from the standard fonds that the widget includes (exported as image fonts are not valid), use the optional contactsec.php file to avoid spam, submit multiple files, add a loading bar when file is uploading and choose the color, include an optional redirect URL after upload is successful.

As our Upload Form widget supports uploading files (unlike Adobe Muse Contact forms) you cannot add or delete fields. In the widget options you can find many styling options so it can adapt to your design. This is the biggest difference between Muse Contact form. You can add, delete and edit the fields but the fields do not support uploading files.

Watch the video for more detailed information

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