The 10 free Excel spreadsheets that you need if you are a beginner

Spreadsheets are not only for accounts, anybody can use them! I personally find them very useful for business and my personal life. I like to organize my weekly calendar so I can properly schedule meetings and I need to issue invoices to my clients after each job. It’s hard to design your own spreadsheet for scratch so using a template will always save lots of time.

This is a selection of the best spreadsheets for beginners. Remember, they are all free to download! You can use these free spreadsheets for your small business or for your household. You will be surprised by all you can do with a spreadsheet for Excel and Google Sheets.

Excel spreadsheets for household and personal life

  1. Checklist

Whatever tasks you need to do, writing them on a checklist will help you get everything done. You can use a basic To-do list that you can find in Google Sheets template, or you can use a Free packing list that will help you not forget anything before your trip.2.

2. Meal planners

If you want to lose weight, control what you eat or try to keep a healthy diet, then you need a meal planner. Every coach, doctor, and nutritionist will advise you to plan your meals in advance as it’s the only way to maintain a diet. Here you can find two different meal planners: Weekly meal planner and Meal Planner.

3. Travel itinerary

If you plan to travel during weeks or even months, keeping all your bookings and transportation schedule in Travel itinerary is very handy. You can also add emergency contacts.

4. Household monthly budget

Keep track of all your expenses and know how much you can save by the end of each month with this personal monthly budget. Also, this Household expense budget is very useful when you have flatmates.

Excel spreadsheets for your business

  1. Business invoice

Each time you finish a job, you need to send an invoice to your client. You can easily modify this business invoice with your logo and billing details.

2. Quotation

Before you start a project, it’s important to send a quote to your client so he knows how much your services cost. Business invoices and quotations are the most important spreadsheets that your business needs.

3. Gantt timeline

Are you a project manager? Then you need a Gantt Chart that shows the start and end of each task.

4. Business plan

If you are starting a business, you need to be realistic and make a business plan so you know how much you can afford to spend, and your profit.

5. Inventory

Track all the stock that you have to make sure which items you need to reorder with this Inventory template.

6. Weekly calendar

A weekly calendar is always useful for your job and your personal life.


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