Science, technology and informatics evolution

Since Google was created in 1998, everything has evolved and changed in an obvious way. We remember those first internet connections with the first modems with such characteristic noise. The first Blog, Google analytics in 2005, the growing interest in online business, for positioning. Lots of opportunities opened up.

On the one hand that was very good, on the other hand, it made it more difficult to have a relevant presence in the Internet world.

Everything influenced them to specialize more and create interesting tools dedicated to positioning on the internet scene. What seemed like a subject without much travel, has become, today, essential.

In my mind is the constitution in 2002 of my first company dedicated to online marketing. At the time, it hardly had an impact or was known. As well as a project on street maps of cities and towns with all the places and businesses located. Something like the forerunner of Google maps. I was not successful at that time, those first maps that were so successful with Google.

With so much experience, we have learned something. We have been involved in each development and modification of what we consider the best tool of all time, at least until now. In the future, surely, many other things surprise us.

Today, we can take pride in having deep knowledge of online marketing and helping many businesses.

At present, it has little to do with what was of that time. Even in all SEO resources you have to be, continuously, studying strategies and very attentive to what those who move the market. We all know that from time to time, search engines and authority sites are renewed, their policies change, etc., therefore, if we are not properly informed, we can lose a job for years.

We have all seen how social media that at one time were number one have fallen into oblivion and quickly, replaced by new ones. On the internet, everything is volatile. For this reason, we cannot get away from the knowledge of each new tool that is being created on the web.

Science, technology and computing go hand in hand. Investment in online marketing by current companies is essential if they want to have a future and space. It is unthinkable not to be on social networks and not have a digitized presence. Almost, we could say categorically that the company that is not on the internet does not exist. 

When a new company appears, we all immediately look for information in search engines, to see who they are and what they do. This tool has also become the business card. If there are no references, we are suspicious. Therefore, the importance of good visibility is essential, if we do not want to disappear.

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