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Homepage Slideshows are still one of  the most requested features we see in websites. It is an excellent visual tool for attracting the visitor’s attention as most people respond better to visual content than to long and boring texts.

Create a dynamic and visual presentation with our Elegant Responsive Slideshow. This widget provides an easy way to integrate a slideshow to any Adobe Muse site. You can use this slideshow in your homepage or in any internal page as an image carousel. You choose what to show and where.

Slides must include an image but other styling options are optional, like buttons, dots or title. This Adobe Muse Widget only supports images and it is 100% responsive. Set the full browser width in Adobe Muse design mode and set the duration of the image transitions.

Main features of the Elegant Responsive Slideshow:

  • Move the slides dragging your mouse.
  • Select if you want the next and previous buttons.
  • Select if you want the slider dots.
  • Select if you want the slider text.
  • 100% responsive slideshow for Adobe Muse.

17/08/2016: widget updated to work in last Adobe Muse CC  version.



  1. Drop a new widget to Adobe Muse.
  2. IMPORTANT: Select widget and set it’s width to “adapt to browser width” in Adobe Muse. This will make your slideshow responsive and full width.
  3. IMPORTANT: Select the checkbox “Use n slides”. Example: if you want 3 images, select “Use 3 slides” checkbox and then add each image.
  4. Use “image transform” and “image left margin” to control how images are shown.
  5. Caption size is responsive (it will auto addapt to your browser width/height).
  6. For better quality results, use same width and height images in your slides and avoid using “force image height”.
  7. Slideshow duration is set in miliseconds. 5000 value means 5 seconds.

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4 reviews for Responsive Elegant Slideshow

  1. okgraphics


  2. Nick Merrill

    It’s ok. Could be improved.

  3. visart

    I love this slideshow, thank you for your kind support

  4. MaC

    Fresh slideshow

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