WooCommerce is now compatible with WordPress Themes Generator

Last week we announced that Themes Generator is already compatible with two of the best free slideshow plugins: Meta Slider and Smart Slider 3. This week, we are excited to announce our new feature, something that you guys have been asking for: Themes Generator is now compatible with WooCommerce. You can design your online shop in WordPress Themes Generator and sell your products starting from today.

This tutorial covers the steps you need to follow, from exporting your WordPress theme, installing the free WooCommerce plugin, setting up your online shop for the first time and uploading your first product. With Themes Generator you get Shop Styles and Site Layout options in WordPress customizer. You can easily add a shopping cart to your e-commerce theme by following this tutorial:

  1. Build your WordPress shop in Themes Generator and export it.
  2. Install WooCommerce free plugin and remember to activate it. You will know if you have successfully activated it when a shopping cart appears on your navigation menu and WooCommerce tab appears in your backend.
  3. The Setup Wizard will automatically run when it’s the very first time that you install WooCommerce. Follow the steps and make sure you deselect Storefront Theme or your own theme will be replaced by this.
  4. Go to WordPress – Customize to open Shop Styles and Site Layout.
  5. To Upload your products, go to Products – Add new. Make sure you add a title, a description and a short description, price of the product, image and shipping options if there were.
  6. You are ready to publish and upload more products to your online shop.

Building your WooCommerce theme is easy in Themes Generator. If you want more detailed steps, watch the tutorial below.


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