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This widget will allow you to remove all Adobe Muse Javascript error alerts.

Are you tired of the message “Some files on the server may be missing or incorrect. Clear browser cache and try again. If the problem persists please contact website author” and other similar Muse alerts?

Using this free Adobe Muse widget, that message will never appear again. Just drag and drop the widget to your workspace and it will start working in the background.



  1. This widget intercepts all javascript alert messages and redirects them to the browser console, so the users will never see them and the page will not stop loading due to the error messages.



4 reviews for Remove alerts

  1. Paulova

    I have been looking something like this for ages 🙂

  2. cris

    Thank you responsive muse

  3. konstantin

    Thanks for the free widget.. saved lots of headaches 😉

  4. tonuy


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