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Adobe Muse Date Picker Widget.

Convert any Adobe Muse default contact form field into a date field that will popup a calendar that allow users to select the desired date.

Click the input field to open a jQuery interactive calendar in a small overlay. Choose a date or click elsewhere on the page to close. If a date is chosen, the date is shown as the input’s value.


  • Customize background color, border color and text color.
  • The datepicker is tied to a standard form input field.
  • Use as many datepickers as you want.
  • Set the starting day.
  • Set date format to dd/mm/yy or yy/mm/dd.
  • Customize all texts to translate it to your language.


  1. UncheckEdit together– in Detailed Contact Form from Muse widgets library.
  2. Apply a graphic style called “datepicker” (no quotes) ONLY over the contact form INPUT boxes that you want to be a date picker.
  3. Preview your site and click over the input box to see the calendar popup.


It’s important to edit the Muse contact form items separately, so you can add the graphic style over a single item. You will want to uncheck -Edit together- in contact form settings before aplying the graphic style.



4 reviews for Muse Date Picker

  1. Justwow

    Amazing one! now I can really use contact forms

  2. Toni

    It works

  3. Collin K

    Good, but I hope more customization options in future updates

  4. woody

    it works but you need to know how to use Muse graphic styles as shown in the video

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