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Guestbook Adobe Muse Widget.

Tired of complex widgets that require MySQL, SQlite, external APIs or other solutions to store your data? We have been thinking about this problem (that average Muse users experience) and we have built Guestbook Widget. It will allow your website visitors to leave a message, opinion or thought in your webpage using a csv file storage.


  • No Database required.
  • Based on CSV files that any PHP compatible server without database should be able to read and write. Note that Business Catalyst Hosting does not support PHP.
  • Nice pagination with different effects.
  • Customize tons of colors, sizes and other styles.
  • Control Panel with protected login.
  • Read, modify and delete comments via Control Panel.
  • Export & backup your comments with one click (CSV Download).
  • Easily open CSV storage in MS Excel.
  • A lot of standard fonts included.
  • You can set “Default” font and use any Typekit or web font selected in Adobe Muse.
  • Ajax technology: reduces spam a lot since spam bots will not be able to see the submit form.


  • Bug fixes.
  • Added compatibility with special characters and different languages.


  1. Open & edit guestbook.php with Notepad++ (or another software that will not change file encoding).
  2. Change at least username, password and csvname values (do not use default values to increase security).
  3. Add Widget element into your Muse Workspace.
  4. Attach guestbook.php file in widget settings, you will see how preview changes showing you dummy comments.
  5. Customize as you want and upload your website to any PHP compatible server.
  6. Once you have uploaded it, write your first comment and refresh page to see guestbook results over submit form.
  7. You should take into account that these form elements are not editable directly in Adobe Muse nor you can add more fields, so to control the form layout you must use the widget settings.


  1. If you did not change your filename, your backend login screen will appear in https://yoursite.com/assets/guestbook.php
  2. Visit control panel URL and enter the username and password you set up previously.
  3. Using guestbook control panel you can check all comments received, edit or delete them.





We do not provide user and password to demo to keep our comments clean. If you want to try control panel, contact us.

URL: https://responsive-muse.com/demos/widget-guestbook/assets/guestbook.php



Open widget settings and delete guestbook.php. Then reattach the php file again.
This widget requires Adobe Muse CC 2017 and up. Usually we can provide a widget compatible with older versions if you contact us, but we do not provide support for it and we cannot guarantee its full functionality.

7 reviews for Guestbook Widget

  1. Arnold

    I love not being forced to use database, great widget!

  2. Christian Rodríguez

    Hi nice widget. I just got the widget,but I cannot find where to change the icons. Could you help me with this? Thanks

    • responsive-muse

      Sure. To change icon, just visit fontawesome.io/icons and click on the icon you want. Copy that code and paste it (replace current one) in widget settings.

  3. kritzel-design (verified owner)

    Awesome widget!
    So easy to use, it feels like a part of muse right from the beginning.
    Adaptable, just like any other widget. PLUS with a change of color you can easily blend in your guestbook into your page.
    Works perfectly. Access to the backend, look changes, implementation… done before you know it!
    For everything else: try responsive-muse support. They are the best!!

  4. Toni

    Just what I was looking for

  5. woody

    Easy to use and good support from Responsive Muse team

  6. Paul (verified owner)

    Nice and quick. However, I’d like to get rid of the forced email (or the complete field). Can I do that?

  7. Terry (verified owner)

    It seems to push down through the footer rather than push the footer down. Being able to change size of text in the previous comments box would be good (just a bit small) would be useful. Any help with either of those would be great. Otherwise BRILLIANT!

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