What is a Master Page and how to use it in Adobe Muse – Chapter 2

In a Master Page in Adobe Muse, like in InDesign, you place all the common elements through out your website. Usually, these elements are in the header and footer, like the navigation menu, logo or contact information. Not only can you create one master page, but as many as you want depending on how big your website is.

Imagine that your website has 7 pages, with different information and layout but the header and footer. It would be a tedious job to replicate 7 times these common elements, so instead of copy-pasting the elements several times and adjusting them, you just need to place all the elements in the master page and apply it to the pages.

Learning how to set up a master page will specially help you save loads of time. In the second chapter of the Adobe Muse course for beginners, you will understand how they work and learn to identify which elements are usually common in a website. You will also learn how to organise all the elements in layers (header, body and footer) so the elements will not overlay

Are you ready? Watch the first chapter of the course and subscribe to our channel here to learn how to design your website in Adobe Muse.

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