Add a responsive menu in Adobe Muse – Chapter 3

In Adobe Muse Widget library, you can find built in widgets that can be very handy for you to get familiar with how widgets work. In this Adobe Muse course, Coworking template will only use built in widgets so you do not have to purchase any.

The first widget that we are going to use is the horizontal menu widget. The best thing about this widget is that once you drag it to your workspace, it recognizes the pages that you have created automatically. If you change the name of the page or add/delete any, it instantly updates.

You will also learn how to make your menu responsive and how to create a mobile menu for smaller breakpoints by combining Vertical Menu widget and Tooltip widget. Little by little you will learn some tricks likeĀ hide in breakpoint or other breakpoints, which will save a lot of time when you have to adapt your content to all the breakpoints.

There will also be a brief introduction to how to use the States Panel. You will configure different behaviours like adding rollover effects to the menu.

Watch Chapter 3 of the full Adobe Muse Course for beginners to learn step by step how to design your own website.

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