Learn how to update Adobe Muse and keep your old version

If you have updated to Adobe Muse 2017 or Adobe Muse 2018 you must have encountered some problems.  You might have opened a template created with an older version and found some issues with widgets or pin problems among others. Also, a template saved in Adobe Muse 2017 cannot be open with an older version. So, what can you do with all the projects created before this? To avoid all these problems, now you can easily update Muse and keep your old version, or even download directly an older version like Muse 2015.2. In this post you will learn how to do it and keep your work safe!

  1. Open the Creative Cloud App. Scroll down until you find Adobe Muse. You will find the option to Update.



2.  Click on it and a window will open. You can choose to directly update your version but just in case you want to keep your old version, click on Advanced options and deselect “remove old versions“.


3.  If you just want to download an older version, click on the blue arrow and select “Other version”. A window will display with the available versions. Click on install and you are done!


Watch the video for more detailed information.

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