Learn how to get your assets ready for Adobe Muse

Some weeks ago I published a tutorial where I showed how to create a cool highlight effect in Adobe Muse using the Blank slideshow widget from the Widget Library. I modified a graphic file that I got fromĀ Freepik. In this tutorial I am going to show you how I prepared my assets to create that cool effect.

  1. Copy the Art board in Illustrator as many times as you need. In the tutorial you can see that I replicated it 4 times.


  2. First art board should not have any visible background. But remember to create a transparent background so it will have the same size as the rest of the slides. For the other slides, create a background and color it. Bring down the opacity so you can see through a little bit.


  3. In second art board, choose the elements that you want to highlight. Right click, arrange and bring to front. Drag the background and you will see how just the elements that you have selected are above the background. the rest of the graphic will remain behind it, creating the highlight effect. Repeat these steps with the rest of the slides.


Export the first art board as a PNG, so it will have a transparent background. The rest of the slides can be exported in JPG. Watch the tutorial for more detailed information.




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