Learn how to get a Free Muse Website Accessibility Widget

Any website can be very frustrating to view for the visually impaired, elderly, blind, situational disabilities and mobility impaired. It can be very overwhelming to adjust your web design so it is accessible… you might not know where to start. Thanks to UserWay, you can get a free widget that will instantly strengthen any weak spot that might cause and issue.

You do not need to make any changes to your Adobe Muse website nor configure anything extra. It also supports over 24 languages and it will automatically identify which language the user will need!

What the widget does is increase the contrast of contents on your Muse site, it increases the font size or of the mouse pointer, highlights clickable areas, turns sites fully navigable using the keyboard’s keys and more based on your preference. Visit userway.org and click on the “Get widget” button. Follow the steps to get the accessibility widget for free!

  1. Step 1: Type your website address.muse-widget-accessibility1
  2. Step 2: You need to fill in some details like your first and last name and email address.muse-widget-accessibility2
  3. Step 3: Choose the color of the accessibility button. You can use the color that you want so it will suit your design.muse-widget-accessibility6
  4. Step 4: Among the 6 points that you can see on the screenshot below, choose where you want to place the accessibility widget.muse-widget-accessibility5
  5. Step 5: Just click yes or no in order to get your accessibility statement.muse-widget-accessibility3
  6. Step 6: Finally! you get the widget. Just click on copy and the code will me copied to your clipboard. After pasting the code in your site, you can verify if it is working ok and you will get the accessibility statement that you can copy and paste to your Adobe Muse site too.muse-widget-accessibility4
  7. Go to Muse to paste the code. We are going to use our Healthcare Theme as an example. Click on Object -> Insert HTML and paste the code. Click on OK. Now you can preview your site and check how the widget works. Increase contrast and fonts, highlight links or invert the colors.muse-widget-accessibility7
    Watch the tutorial for more detailed information.


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