Learn how to embed 360 images to your Adobe Muse website

360 images have become very popular these days. Instead of taking a normal picture, you can see what surrounds you. On the web you can find 360 images of cities, landscapes, special spots around the world and even businesses!

First of all you would need such a photo to embed it to your website. You can purchase a camera or you can find free and paid online resources. To embed 360 images to an Adobe Muse website, we are going to use 360player.io to upload our pictures, a powerful and flexible solution to upload this type of images.

  1. Sign up to 360player.io for free and go to your dashboard.embed-360-image-adobe-muse1
  2. Drop the images that you want to embed. We are going to use an image from Freepik and Photopin free library. You just need to visit their website to choose the ones you want.
  3. When the 360 image is uploaded, click on it and scroll down to copy the integration code.
    Here is a little trick: You can modify the width and the height changing the default values in the code (width=560 height=315)embed-360-image-adobe-muse3
  4. In Muse go to Object -> Insert HTML and paste the code. The embed 360 image will appear on your workspace.embed-360-image-adobe-muse2Watch the tutorial to see how you can get a 360 image embedded into your Adobe Muse.

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