How to Format text in the different breakpoints in your Adobe Muse website

In responsive designs you need to resize all your web elements. Your images need to be reduced and optimised and the size of your text blocks need to fit your different breakpoints too. It is important to understand how the tools in Adobe Muse work when you design your website. You can find two text formatting modes:

  • A single T icon, used to format the text in the current breakpoint. This means that when you modify the text, it will only affect the current breakpoints. This tool is very useful for titles.
  • Four Ts icon, used to format the text across breakpoints. This means that when you modify a text frame in any breakpoint, the modification will affect all the breakpoints of your template. This tool is very useful for paragraphs.

While designing your website in Adobe Muse you will need to use both tools. Just make sure the option that you want is activated. In the tutorial you can see how the tool works in one of our Premium templates called Band One Page. As an example, the text is modified across breakpoints and in the current breakpoint.

You can find the two text formatting modes on the left bar in your workspace. Add text frames to your website and start editing them with the different formatting modes and the text tool. All these tools will work with Web fonts, Typekit, Standard fonts and System Fonts.

Watch the tutorial to see how it is done.

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