How to keep you common elements organized in Adobe Muse Library Panel

In web design there are a lot of elements that you will constantly reuse like social media icons, contact forms, font awesome icons… so it is handy to have all these items close.

In Adobe Muse you can keep these common elements in your Library Panel. If you always use the same set of social media icons, you can arrange them in Muse, group them and save them into your Library Panel. With contact forms you can do the same thing, you can add/delete elements, arrange it as you like and save the new design as a new widget in your Library.

Bring all these common design elements into Muse and start rearranging them as you like. Grouping these elements makes it easier to use them later. When you are done, you just need to right click on the designed element and select “Save to library”. You can create different folders and organize them as you need.

In the video tutorial you will see how to arrange social media icons and a contact form as parts of the footer. Once saved into the Library, you can drag the created widget into your workspace to make sure that Muse has saved it like you wanted.

Watch the video for more detailed information.

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