How to create a Portfolio in Adobe Muse

You can create a simple portfolio with built in Muse widgets. It is not a third party widget that you have to purchase. You can get this effect combining two widgets… yes! you can do that in Muse!

You can find the widgets that I have used in Widgets Library. We have used Featured News (in Compositions) and Lightbox (in Slideshow). This is how you do it:



  1. Drag Featured News into the canvas. Move the triggers above and let some space in between them. Choose your font, colors and the triggers behaviour in different states.


2. Delete the content boxes that come with the widget (image and text).


3. Drag the Lightbox widget into the Featured News Widget. Make sure “lightbox” option is marked and “Show lightbox parts while editing” is not selected. Resize the thumbnails and add the images.


4. Drag the Lightbox widget to the different triggers and repeat step 3.

Watch the tutorial for more detailed information and explained steps.

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