How to build a Responsive Website with Adobe Muse

After your are done with your web design, it is time to start adjusting some elements inside your workspace and adding breakpoints. In this tutorial we build a Responsive Website with fixed breakpoints. We relocate every element of the template to fit each breakpoint. You can test how it works by making your browser smaller.

Follow all the steps of the tutorial to create your own Responsive Website with Adobe Muse. You can add the same breakpoints as in the tutorial or adapt it to your design and add as many as you need, your choice! An interesting element to add is a mobile menu. You can use the widgets that you can find in Adobe Muse or you can use the Elegant Menu that you can find in our Online Shop.

You can download Hexal template here. It is free for personal and commercial use.

You can purchase the Elegant Menu here.

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